An Introduction to Sculpture for Beginners: Level One

Theory and Practical Classes – Gain a Sculptor’s Perspective

Thursday Evenings – 6:30pm till 9:00pm

Two projects will be set over four terms.
Students will gain an understanding of the fundamental nature of modern sculpture.
Students will develop techniques and practical skills while producing their own unique sculptures under the guidance of the tutor.

Running over four terms, this class is an opportunity to gain practical skills and a comprehension of studio processes, while developing your understanding and appreciation of Modern Sculpture.

Two projects will to be completed over four terms:

Project one: Working with clay – students will learn processes and methods of production as they translate their concept from two to three dimensions. Students will then learn and carry out mould-making and casting techniques under the guidance of the tutor.
Project two: Metal casting – students will learn foundry techniques while developing their concept. After producing a Marquette, students will cast in aluminium using the lost foam casting process.

Commencing 9th May, to 21st December 2019

Students are required to maintain a visual diary in order to explore and develop their ideas.
There is some room for flexibility in terms of the scale and material for your project, although this may require additional funds. Fees are charged on a term by term basis.

Fees and Dates 2019

Classes run two and a half hours.

Commencement dates:

Term one
9th May to 20th June

Term two
27th June to 22nd August

Term three
29th August to 24th October

Term four:
7th November to 19th December

Materials are provided for this class, and fees must be paid in advance on a term by term basis.

$675 per term includes GST

Students are required to provide their own modelling tools, plastic bags and clean cloth (flannel is best) to keep their sculpture moist.​