Sculpture, Mould Making and Casting

Saturday Afternoons – 2:00pm till 5:00pm

Start from scratch or further develop your existing works & casting in a range of mediums, includes foundry.

Students may pursue individual goals with the assistance of the tutor, this may be a new project or using an existing mould to make castings using a variety of materials including bronze.

Consideration will be given to project proposals upon application.

Bring your clay and wax modelling tools, and safety gear, sketch book and pencils.

Depending upon your project, most things will be provided.

Once moulds are completed students may translate their sculpture into bronze at an affordable rate within our large in-house foundry setting.

Alternatively there are a number of durable materials that may be utilized in making editions of your sculpture.

Students not wishing to be involved in the mould making and bronze casting process may choose to engage our mould making and bronze casting services.

Tea and coffee provided.

Fees and Dates 2019

Term one:
2nd March to 27th April

Term two:
4th May to 22nd June

Term three:
29th June to 24th August

Term four:
31st August to 26th October

Term five:
2nd November to 21st December

$595 per term excluding materials (includes GST)

Applications for 2020 classes are open from November 2019

Terms are 8 weeks duration, and classes run for 3 hours